Graco 190 Classic PC Airless Sprayer 110V, Stand Mount

Graco 190 Classic PC Airless Sprayer 110V, Stand Mount

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
Max. Fluid Flow:
1.8 l/min (0.47 gpm)


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954.00 (795.00 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

The Graco 190 Classic PC Pro is a stand mounted 110v electric airless paint sprayer, which will support a 0.019'' airless spray tip.


Professional Advantages

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Supports a 0.019" tip


Ready To Spray

  • Delivered complete with FTx gun, RAC X tip & guard, and a BlueMax hose.
  • Offset Handle with Comfort Grip
  • Unit is balanced away from your body for easy transport.
  • Big cup, holds inlet tube, prevents drips during transport


Endurance Pump

  • Chromex Rod and Hardened Stainless Steel cylinder
  • QuickAcces intake valve: requires only the light knock of a hammer to access the intake ball plus easy to clean or clear debris


Lightweight Design

  • Gracos lightest professional sprayer at only 14 kg
  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Four-leg design for solid footing
  • Rugged leg caps to protect floor


Consistent Pressure Control

  • Delivers quality spray pattern with minimum fluctuation

    Swivel Inlet Suction Hose

  • Easily swivels to reach buckets or cans

    Unit ships complete with:

    • SG-3 Airless Spray gun
    • BlueMax hose 1/4" x 7.5 m
    • RAC X tip 515
    • HandTite guard
    • Pressure gauge


    Max. Tip Size:0.019"
    Max Fluid Flow:1.8 l/min (0.47 gpm)
    Max. Pressure:207 bar (3000 PSI)
    Weight:16 kg (35lbs)
    Motor type:DC/Brush
    Motor rating:0.46 [0.625 HP]
    Generator requirements:4000

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