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Graco Mark V TexSpray, Standard, BlueLink, 110V

Graco Mark V TexSpray, Standard, BlueLink, 110V

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
0.039" (0.041" with plaster)
Max. Fluid Flow:
5.1 l/min


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

5,275.00 (4,395.83 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

The TexSpray Mark V is built to deliver a higher flow rate to help you complete jobs faster. This unit comes with an upgraded Heavy-Duty Texture Gun that can accommodate a larger tip size to handle all texture finishes and the wide range of primers and paint.

Everyday Reliability. TexSpray Mark Standard Series electric airless texture sprayers provide unmatched durability and performance, with the capability to handle the widest range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths and heavier coatings with ease.

Chromex Endurance Piston Pump

  • The most reliable pump
  • Lasts 2X Longer than the next leading brand
  • Long life ceramic and stainless steel balls included for maximum versatility
  • Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake foot valve

SmartControl 4.0 with ProGuard Protection System

  • Precision pressure control
  • Lowest dead band at any pressure delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuation
  • Prevents electrical damage from extreme jobsite power conditions
  • WatchDog Pump Protection System automatically prevents pump damage if the material supply is too low

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System

  • Streamline your business
  • Track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity
  • Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
  • Maximize uptime: Set maintenance schedules, alerts, & jobsite notes

FastFlush 2 System

  • Fast cleaning now even FASTER
  • Clean the pump 6X faster using the water
  • High-velocity fluid flow delivered with 60% higher motor speed

MaxFlo 2 with Pack-Out Protection

  • Less pack-out, more productivity
  • Self-cleaning Vibra-Seal Technology eliminates material build-up
  • Continuous spraying with True Pack-Out Protection for more productivity
  • Optimized fluid passageways for the heaviest coatings

Worry-Free MaxPower Motor

  • Get more work done
  • Proven performance for all painting applications
  • High-torque brushless design with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Use longer cords, regardless of voltage fluctuations

Precision Advantage Drive

  • The longest lasting drive
  • Improved jobsite conditions with extremely quiet operation
  • Lifetime Warranty

Unit Ships Complete with:

  • 289605 HD Blue Texture Spray Gun
  • PAA427 & HDA531 Spray Tips
  • 246215 RAC X Guard
  • 240797 BlueMax II Hose (3/8" x 15m)
  • 277249 BlueMax II Whip Hose (1/4" x 0.9m)
  • 15F446 Gun Tool
  • 111733 Adjustable Wrench
  • 238049 TSL (118 ml)


Max. Tip Size:0.027"
Max. Tip Size (Paint):0.039"
Max. Tip Size (Plaster):0.041"
Max. Flow:5.1 l/min (1.35 gpm)
Max. Pressure:227 bar (3300 PSI)
Motor Rating: 2.0 kW (2.8 HP)
Weight:59 kg (130 lbs)