Your Guide to Airspray Painting

July 5th 2016

Fluid Feed Methods for Spray Finishing
  • Suction Feed - material is drawn from fluid container by creating venturi across top of syphon tube fitted in cup.
  • Gravity Feed - as name suggests, material is gravity fed from cup positioned above the spray gun.
  • Pressure Feed - material is fed to spray guns via pressure pot or remote cup under pressure. Pressure is applied by air within pot to force material up hoses to spray nozzle.

Atomisation of Paint
Paint is atomised by high pressure, high volume air bombarding paint coming out of fluid tip, which breaks it up into cloudy spray pattern. A solid coat of material is achieved by overcoating several times in various directions.

  • Very good finish achieved
  • Good control ability
  • You can use small amounts of material
  • Poor transfer efficiency: 60% waste, i.e. overspray
  • Slow application rate
  • Can only spray low viscosity paints