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LineLazer ES 1000

September 9th 2017

The LineLazer ES 1000 by Graco is the very first electric powered line striper in the industry.

The popularity of the LineLazer range and Graco's constant striving to satisfy industry needs has led to this fantastic innovative development. The first of its kind, the new electric LineLazer will revolutionise line striping for anyone who regularly stripes indoors, for example in multi-story carparks or warehouses and factories, or finds noise to be of concern meaning you can stripe indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Thanks to its fume-free electric power, it is also a great way to introduce sustainable and renewable energy to the industry. It solves many of the issues that have previously existed for regular line striping machine users including noise disturbance and fumes disturbing inside spaces.

The LineLazer has multiple uses thanks to its versatility, making it a great multi-job tool for the professional and also for in-house use, should you regularly need to update your striping. The ES 1000 has the power and capability to perform more difficult outdoor jobs, whilst offering a quiet quality indoor performance.

The lack of disruptive engine noise means that it is perfect for day-to-day work at sports, leisure and performance facilities where it can work subtly without disturbing clients or workers. It is similarly ideal for use in internal storage facilities, warehouses, and garages, so that work does not need to be scheduled and can instead run alongside day-to-day operations. To ensure that it really does offer minimal disruption, the ES 1000 is fume-free, meaning no delays whilst waiting for fumes to clear and making it ideal for indoor use!

The LineLazer ES 1000 has no engine vibrations to ensure that not only do you get the perfect line every time, but also that it significantly decreases user fatigue. It has a specially designed balanced chassis to ensure superior user comfort with a newly designed system to allow easy and quick on the job pump replacement.

The battery is a deep cycle 100AH AGM battery which allows for a full shift on one charge. There is a 12V on board charger so you can charge the battery up during running. Its 230v capacity meant that for infinite spray time you can connect it into wall power.

The ES 1000 has an all new FastFlush™ high flow cleaning system which dramatically reduces cleaning time (a first for a walk-behind striper).
The spray system itself runs with a SmartControl™ 2.5 advanced pressure control system, to deliver consistent spray, ensuring you have an unmatched line quality. It has EasyMark™ Gun Adjustment System, ideal for the easy adjustment of the spray gun.

The innovative new features on the LineLazer ES 1000 make it the ideal easy running line striper for a commercial or industry professional who wants to get an efficient and high-quality finish on their work.

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