Line Marking

Graco Line Marking Equipment

Graco produce an incredibly popular range of state of the art line painting equipment. It is suitable for a variety of line-making requirements; from sports turf through to road layouts and markings. The range includes line spray painters, scarifying equipment and thermoplastic line making equipment.

Line spray painters are ideal for sports turf lines and road markings. We stock both the push along and ride on options. There is also an add-on seated option should you wish to later convert your Line spray painter. The Graco LineLazer and FieldLazer line spray painters are perfect for all your straightforward line needs.

Graco GrindLazers are part of our scarifying range, designed for removing various lines including road markings and thermoplastics.

When it comes to thermoplastic line marking equipment then the Graco ThermoLazer is the machine of choice for professional striping contractors. It is innovative yet user-friendly and perfect for a variety of line-making jobs.