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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section we will answer your questions about which airless hose is right for you, what auto spray gun should you consider, how do you choose the correct DeVilbiss spray gun for your application needs, whether a gravity feed spray gun should be on your shopping list and if so would an iwata spray gun be the correct choice.

There are plenty of options when choosing spray painting equipment, so we aim to help you through that process. Whether you're looking to spray plaster, spray paints or texture spray we can advise on the right spraying system. Please get in touch and we will answer your questions and add more FAQ's here as they occur.

Q. Why change from paint brushing to paint spraying?

A. Paint spray equipment is a very efficient way of applying a finish to a piece of work or project. You will save precious time and material and your spraying system will provide a professional finish. Spraying paint is very easy to master and makes almost any job easier

Q. Does it matter what size unit I buy?

A. Yes, you need to ensure the unit suits your contract size and that it is capable of applying the required materials.

Q. Why are tip sizes different?

A. Different materials require different tip sizes

Q. What savings are involved in airless spraying?

A. Spraying is 5 to10 times faster than brushing and rolling. An application rate of 150m² to 250 m² in an hour is possible with a small single gun spraying system

Q. Won't I lose time masking up?

A. For each hour spent masking you will save 4 hours of rolling and get a superior finish.

Q. What materials can I use in Airless spray units?

A. An airless spraying system can spray most smooth paint i.e. Gloss / Undercoat, Varnish, Emulsion (external and internal quality), Wood Coatings, Bitumen, Intumescents, Floor Paints