Spray Booths

Spraybooth equipment

We stock a variety of spraybooths, catering for a range of paint spray booth needs. Our range of Dry Filter Spray Booths run from 1500mm to 7000mm wide, with other sizes available on request. Our Dry Filter Bench Level Spray Booths have their work surface at a convenient height which allows the spray painting of small components. We also have Water Wash Spray Booths for an improved effeciency of extraction.

For customers with a used paint spray booth we stock extension panels, ducting, silencers and lighting should you wish to improve your existing set-up.

Example of Spraybooth duct work

To assist you when determining which duct work you require for your paint spray booth, we have an example of spraybooth duct work configuration for you to view. View spraybooth duct work configuration example