Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro Airless Sprayer, BlueLink, 110V, Stand Mount

Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro Airless Sprayer, BlueLink, 110V, Stand Mount

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
Max. Fluid Flow:
2.3 l/min (0.60 gpm)


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1,975.00 (1,645.83 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

The Ultra Max II 495 PC Pro airless sprayer brings the leading technology and performance of Graco's larger Ultra Max II models into a compact design that is lightweight (34 lbs) and easy to transport while providing more torque, even pressure delivery and faster cleaning to finish jobs faster.

Increased Productivity. Unmatched Reliability. Graco's Midsize Electric airless sprayers make it easier to get more work done in a day with increased flow and production rates.

Durable Endurance Piston Pump

  • Lasts 2X longer than the next leading brand
  • Chromex rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder
  • Long Life V-Max Blue Packings
  • Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake valve

SmartControl 3.0

  • Increased spray consistency
  • Constantly monitors performance and adjusts motor speed to match your spraying needs
  • Measure sprayer gallons, hours and pressure
  • Provides support messages and diagnostic support

BlueLink Job & Sprayer Management System

  • Streamline your business
  • Track every sprayer: Exact location & hourly productivity
  • Know job progress: On demand productivity facts and reporting from anywhere
  • Maximize uptime: Set maintenance schedules, alerts, & jobsite notes

MaxPower Motor & Precision Advantage Drive

  • Proven power and performance for all painting applications
  • High-torque brushless design with a Lifetime Warranty
  • The longest lasting drive
  • Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation and a lifetime warranty

FastFlush High-Flow Cleaning System

  • More spraying & less cleaning
  • 4X faster cleaning with the water

ProConnect One-Part Pump Replacement System

  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • Pump swaps in minutes - no tools, pins or parts to lose

Easy Out Pump Filter

  • Easy Maintenance & Less Clogging
  • Exclusive inside-out filtering process ensures a quality finish

Contractor PC Spray Gun

  • All-Day Comfort & Control
  • Lightest weight gun in its class
  • Up to 50% lighter trigger pull force
  • E-Z Fit adjustable trigger length
  • Complete no-tools gun rebuild in seconds with ProConnect cartridge

Unit Ships Complete with:

  • 17Y043 Contractor PC gun
  • LP517 Tip
  • 246215 RAC X Guard
  • 287032 Easy-Out filter (60 mesh)
  • 240794 BlueMax II Hose (1/4" x 15m)
  • 15F446 Gun Tool
  • 111733 Adjustable Wrench
  • 238049 TSL (118 ml)


Max. Tip Size:0.027"
Max. Working Pressure:227 bar (3300 PSI>>
Max. Fluid Flow:2.3 l/min (0.60 gpm)
Max. Tip Size - 1 gun:0.025"
Weight:15 kg (34 lbs)
Motor Rating:1.2 HP Brushless DC
Minimum Generator Requirement:3750 W/td>