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Geosperse Roller Head only 30cm wide

Geosperse Roller Head only 30cm wide

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

260.40 (217.00 ex VAT) 



On smaller jobs, if conditions such as wind prevent spraying and when an airless finish quality is not
required, rolling paint is the alternative. Using your sprayer for power rolling offers significant advantages:

Much Faster

You don't have to stop and bend down to a paint tray every time the roller needs paint, just pull the trigger to bring paint to the roller.

Continuous rolling

Non-stop rolling, always “wet-on-wet”. No more dry patches showing afterwards and less efforts spreading the paint onto the wall.

Even paint distribution

Control exactly how much paint you need. A traditional roller requires spreading paint on the roller by rolling onto a grille before applying to the wall. With power rollers, an internal auger distributes the paint evenly onto the nap of the roller resulting in a more consistent and better finish.

Note: This roller head is not supplied with a roller cover. It is intended to fit directly to the outlet of the Graco telescopic roller. If you wish to use this head on a HD fixed extension, you need to purchase additional parts that fit between the feed tube of the roller head and the end of the HD fixed extension. Contact our Sales Department and quote part numbers 192637, 192638, 162863, 114049. These items are not available online currently