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SATAjet 1000 K RP Air Spray Gun

SATAjet 1000 K RP Air Spray Gun

Product ID:
480.96 (400.80 ex VAT) 


SATAjet 1000 K RP - Versatile for large surfaces - the universal spray gun for big jobs

The small and lightweight SATAjet 1000 K supplied from pressure pots or double diaphragm pumps is an multi purpose spray gun. Due to its large range of available nozzle sizes, this pressure fed spray gun is perfectly suitable for the application of various materials: from thin wood stain, clearcoat, textured paint and glaze to glue and other thixotropic materials. Extensions which are available in various versions and sizes allow perfect coating of areas difficult to access.

  • The lightweight among the pressure fed spray guns
  • In combination with paint pressure tanks or material feeder pumps, they are a powerful application tool
  • The material supply can be connected via material tube, teflon ball valve or material quick coupling
  • Extensions for special applications, such as internal coating of tubes or radiator painting, various extensions ranging from 20 to 300 cm (8 to 120 inches) are available

Technical Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure: 2.5 bar
  • Air consumption at 2.5 bar: 14.5 cfm
  • Spray distance: 17 cm 21 cm
  • Material connection: 3/8" male thread