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Graco GXFF Hopper Filter

Graco GXFF Hopper Filter

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

24.84 (20.70 ex VAT) 


This inlet filter is used on:

  • Graco GXFF
  • Graco GX21FF

  • This inlet filter is also used on hopper kits for::

  • Graco 290 FinishPro
  • Graco 395 FinishPro
  • Graco 595 FinishPro
  • Graco 395 St Max
  • Graco 495 St Max
  • Graco 595 St Max

  • Optimise Finish Quality

    Using filters prevents dirt or contaminants from making their way through the spray system. They minimize possible tip clogs and optimise the quality of your finish.

    In a standard airless system, the paint passes through 3 filters before atomisation: inlet screen, pump filter and the gun filter. This first filter is the biggest, the last one, the smallest.