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Fine Suction Inlet Filter 1

Fine Suction Inlet Filter 1" NPSM Thread

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

20.76 (17.30 ex VAT) 


This inlet filter is used on:

  • Graco Mark V Premium, Platinum & Max spray pumps
  • Graco Ultramax II 695 Pumps
  • Graco Ultramax & Ultramax II 695 Pumps
  • Graco Ultramax & Ultramax II 795 Pumps
  • Graco Ultramax & Ultramax II 1095
  • Graco EM590
  • Graco Ultra 333, 433, 750, 1000, 1500, 1595
  • Graco GMax 3900,5900 & 5900HD pumps
  • Graco GMax II 3900, 5900 & 5900H, 7900 & 7900HD
  • Graco GMax 200HS
  • Graco GM3500, 5000
  • Graco GM7000 lo-Boy,

    This is a finer (16 mesh) filter generally used with less viscous coatings. For heavier bodied paints such as intumescents we also offer a finer mesh inlet filter Ref G189920

    Optimise Finish Quality

    Using filters prevents dirt or contaminants from making their way through the spray system. They minimize possible tip clogs and optimise the quality of your finish.
    In a standard airless system, the paint passes through 3 filters before atomisation: inlet screen, pump filter and the gun filter. This first filter is the biggest, the last one, the smallest.

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