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Graco Contractor Airless Spray Gun, Rac X, No Tip, 2 Fingers

Graco Contractor Airless Spray Gun, Rac X, No Tip, 2 Fingers

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
248 bar


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

175.20 (146.00 ex VAT) 


Minimal gun spitting

Special seat design minimizes space between the needle and the tip, thus greatly reducing paint spitting when triggering the gun.

Quick & consistent needle shut off

The FlexSeal™ needle design encloses the needle in a flexible cover, avoiding exposure to the paint. With gun trigger open, the FlexSeal™ inflates like a balloon. Pressure inside the gun pushes against this now inflated seal. This causes the needle to shut off easier and faster.

Key features and benefits

  • "Easy to reach" trigger lock - Simple, thumb engaged safety lock
  • Easyglide gun swivel - Increased manoeuvrability
  • Sealed off spring - The spring is separated from the needle and has no contact with the paint. This eliminates paint drying or debris catching on the spring plus the modular design enables easy replacement on the field
  • Ergonomic gun handle - Reduces operator fatigue, offers maximum control and comfort while spraying
  • Detachable trigger guard - Easy access to gun filter
  • Supplied with a Reverse-A-Clean "X" Spray Tip Guard (Tip not included, sold separately.)


Max. Pressure:248 bar
Fluid Orifice Diameter:3.2 mm
Can be used with:RAC X Guard & Tip
RAC 5 Guard & Tip
EasyOut Gun Filter