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Graco Triton 1:1 Double Diaphragm Pump, Stainless Steel Wall Mount

Graco Triton 1:1 Double Diaphragm Pump, Stainless Steel Wall Mount

Product ID:
Max. Fluid Flow:
32 lpm
Max. Pressure:
7 bar


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

1,736.40 (1,447.00 ex VAT) 




Upgrade Your Standard Diaphragm Pumps to Triton for High-Performance Finishing.

High Quality Finish

Low pulsation output and smooth pump change over deliver a consistent spray pattern.


Quick colour changes and fast material refills save time and money.

Rugged Construction

Stainless steel or aluminum pump handles a wide variety of fluids.

High-Flow Air Regulators

Supplies up to 35% extra air flow to gun for superior atomization.

Easy-to-use Circulation Valve

Saves material and time during flushing, priming and colour changes.

Low Pulsation Triton Pump

Delivers a consistent spray pattern and uniform film thickness.

Heavy-Duty Suction Performance

Sprays a wide variety of material viscosities.

Flexible, Lightweight Air Hose

Reduces operator fatigue.

Longer Pump Life:

  • Rugged stainless steel or aluminum construction requires less maintenance than a plastic pump
  • Twice the output per stroke
  • High output per stroke means less pump wear

Extra Pumping Power:

  • 30% more suction power than a standard diaphragm pump to handle higher viscosity materials

Finishing Made Simple:

  • Refill and monitor material level while spraying for easier operation
  • Complete colour changes in less than 3 minutes for reduced downtime
  • Circulation Valve saves time and lowers solvent usage during clean-up and colour changes

Unit ships complete with:

  • Flexible suction hose
  • Fluid regulator
  • 7.5m air & fluid hose
  • Air Spray Compliant Gun


Max. working pressure:7 bar (100 psi)
Pump Body:Stainless Steel
Mount Type:Wall
Max. Fluid Flow:32 l/min (8.5 gpm)
Weight:13.6 kg