Texture Spray Equipment

Texture Spray Guns are ideal for coating ceilings, walls and flooring with a variety of products including paint, acoustics, drywall mud, waterproofing material, pool-deck sealant, stucco and most gravity-fed materials.

Our range of texture spray equipment consists of a variety of guns and systems from leading brands Kestrel and Graco, which are suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes. The guns provide a really smooth and professional finish, with much less scraping required. The efficiency of texture spray guns mean that you can benefit from saving up to 30% of time in comparison to manual work.

Our Graco range of Texture equipment encompasses products designed for the application of water based decorative and texture coatings typically applied to building interiors, interior plasters and decorative materials. The Kestrel A7016 is proven to handle most medium to high viscosity products and offers an affordable solution for the small-scale application of masonry, textured paints and textile wall coverings.

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of texture spray equipment or which system would be best for you then please get in touch with a member of the Spray Direct team.

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Show First 12 Product(s)