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DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Trans-Tech Spray Gun, Gravity Feed

DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Trans-Tech Spray Gun, Gravity Feed

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The all purpose Compliant primer spray gun

The PRi Pro Lite is a mid sized compliant gravity feed spray gun specificaclly designed for the application of modern primers, surfacer's and fillers. The gun is easy to clean and maintain with most of the service parts shsared with the existing GTi Pro Lite ranges of guns. A wide range of five fluid tips and one new air cap ensure the PRi Pro Lite is the perfect solution to all priming applications. The all new PR10 primer air cap incorporates the latest DeVilbiss Trans-Tech atomisation technology for total compliance with EPA regulations. Primer guns must be compliant in their own right. The PR10 air cap is manufactured in plated brass for ultimate durability.

Typical applications

  • Aerospace and defence
  • General Industry
  • Railway and Rolling Stock

Suitable for these materials

  • Solvent based and water based coatings
  • High build primers
  • Surface primers

PRi Pro Lite Compliant Trans-Tech Spray Gun

The PRi Pro Lite gun is constructed of the very highest grade alloys and stainless steels toe ensure smooth operation as well as high impact residence. Every single component within the PRi Pro Lite spray gun is quality controlled and machined parts are checked to exacting tolerances.

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DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite Trans-Tech Spray Gun - Gravity Feed

Customer Comment:

Brilliant primer gun and at reasonable price