Graco Ultra Max II 695 Standard 110V, Hi-Boy

Graco Ultra Max II 695 Standard 110V, Hi-Boy

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
0.031" (0.019" - 2 Guns)
Max. Fluid Flow:
3.0 l/min (0.75 gpm)


Our Graco products are full CE Mark products from Graco Europe, not non-compliant USA imports

2,550.00 (2,125.00 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

The one man work horse for professional painting contractors.


Professional Advantages

  • Easy to use, to service and to transport
  • Applies most architectural coatings
  • Industry exclusive technologies


New Motor with Smartcontrol 3.0

  • The units brain controls the very strong performing brushless DC motor.
  • Save energy! SmartControl makes the motor turn only if pressure is needed
  • Adjusts the pressure immediately to the tip size and maintains very accurately the stalled pressure
  • Analogue pressure gauge


New ProGuard System

  • Monitors the supply voltage, if too high or low it shuts the system down to prevent damage


New Advantage Drive

  • Hardened steel gearing
  • The most durable, long lasting drive in the Industry
  • Advantage Drive lifetime warranty!


Endurance Pump

  • Gracos proven piston pump
  • Handtight inlet tube and pump lower: clean your valves in minutes without special tools on the job


Unit ships complete with:

  • Contractor gun with HandTite RAC X guard and tips PAA517 + PAA621
  • 240794 BlueMax II hose 1/4" x 15m
  • 206994 TSL 0.25 l.


Max. Tip Size:0.031" (0.019" - 2 Guns)
Max Fluid Flow:3.0 l/min (0.75 gpm)
Max. Pressure:230 bar (3300 PSI)
Weight:43 kg (94 lbs)
SmartControl version:3.0
Motor type:DC Brushless
Motor rating:1.75 kW (2.3HP)
Generator requirements:5 kW (6.7 HP), 5000 W

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