Graco ThermoLazer

Graco ThermoLazer

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

£14,024.28 (£11,686.90 ex VAT) 




ThermoLazer Advantages

  • SmartDie™ Installation and Removal System allows quick and effortless line width changes.
  • HighCap™ Large Capacity Hopper System for fewer refills, thus maximum productivity.
  • LineDriver™ compatible, reduces fatigue, improves production and provides higher line quality.
Graco has produced a handliner to apply thermoplast materials for professional striping contractors. The launch of the new ThermoLazer has changed the game in thermoplastic striping technology. The ThermoLazer is a highly user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper.

Parking lots, pedestrian crossings, signs, junctions & central reservations, bike paths, airports, drive-through areas... no problem.

The ThermoLazer has been designed to melt down and apply almost all thermoplastic marking materials, alkyd as well as hydrocarbon in bags and/or blocks.
A wide range of dies allows you to stripe single lines (5 - 30 cm), dashed lines as well as double lines using the ‘double line’ screed box. Using stencils allows you to draw legends, stop and warning signs.

Combining the ThermoLazer with a LineDriver, transforms your striper into a ride-on driver. It improves your line quality and you can finish your job in half the time. Striping can be done much faster compared to manual push. Save time on all distances travelled while not striping.


SmartDie™ and removal system allows you to quickly exchange dies, without using any tools.

4-Position Bead Adjustment System

Control the bead flow with simple, no-tool adjustment. The dispenser injects the beads mechanically into the material. Double bead drop system (option) allows for dual bead drop and conforms to DOT requirements.

PaddleMax™ Agitation System

Dual mixing hopper paddles provide 50% shorter “throw” for less fatigue and improved mixing of material.

SplitBead™ Hopper System

Over 40 kg split between two connected chambers. A simple double bead drop kit converts the unit in minutes!

Infrared Die Heating System

Infrared heat source keeps die and material flow hot and ready to use. Glow from heat also illuminates surface for low light use.

SmoothRide™ Tyres

High-Load Pneumatic tyres provide excellent maneuverability and less rolling resistance over all surfaces.

ControlFlow™ System

Material flow control system makes it as easy as the pull of a lever for precise material flow control.

HighCap™ Hopper System

135 kg capacity for fewer refills gives the ability to stripe small intersections without refilling.


For quick melting and/or pre-produced thermo stickers. The torch, standard with the unit, offers you the flexibility to apply pre-produced marks like arrows, warnings signs, stop signs and chequered patterns. Also very useful to clean dies and hopper when job is finished.

Electronic Ignition System

Simple and safe to use, with one push of the button.

Dual Ransom Burners

Dual heat-treated aluminum burners provide excellent heat for maximum melting of material and long life chambers. Simple double bead drop kit converts unit in minutes!

Ease-Z-Steer™ Handle Bar System

Makes turning and handling simple – even when fully loaded!

Easy Glide™ System

First thermoplastic line striper with dual rear wheels. Combined with LineLazer™ proven FatTrack™ Front Swivel Wheel System makes turning very light and easy.

The SmartDie™ Screed Box

The SmartDie Installation System allows quick and effortless line width changes, without tools. The Double line (10-10-10 or 10-8-10 cm) screed box even stripes double lines. BlackMax™ Die Technology offers a special coating that makes clean up quick and easy. The die capacity is over 50% greater than existing stripers. Single dies are adjustable with no-tools from 0 to 3 mm.

Unpack, plug & spray!

The ThermoLazer is LineDriver™ compatible and standard equipped with Torch, Line Pointer, 135 kg High Capacity Material Hopper, 40 kg SplitBead™ Hopper System Dispenser, Bead Dispense System, Electronic Ignition, ControlFlow™ System, Infrared Die Heater System, PaddleMax™ Mixing System, Fat Track™ Front Swivel System, SmartDie™ Installation System and Easy-Z-Steer™ Handle.

Dies are optional, as well as double bead dispenser and LineDriver.


Fuel Source:LP Gas, Propane Vapor (LP tank NOT included)
Main Burners:Twin Ransom/20,000 BTU
Burner Capacity (max total):138.000 BTU/hr (38.000 BTU/hr without torch)
Die Heater:Infrared Technology
Bead Hopper Capacity:40 kg (90 lbs)
Material Capacity:135 kg (300 lb)