Graco Mark V Max Texspray ProContractor 110V, Hi-Boy

Graco Mark V Max Texspray ProContractor 110V, Hi-Boy

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
0.039" (0.041" with plaster)
Max. Fluid Flow:
5.1 l/min
Max. Pressure:
230bar (3300psi)


Our Graco products are full CE Mark products from Graco Europe, not non-compliant USA imports

4,110.00 (3,425.00 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

Graco's top of the line electric airless sprayer for the Airless spraying of paints, fire retardants, encapsulation coatings and airless grade plasters.


Professional Advantages

  • QuikReelIntegrated hose reel, with 30 metre of hose. Start your spraying job faster and go home sooner without the hassles of hose handling.
  • With ProConnect2 quick pump exchange and kick back stand for easy bucket change.
  • Smartcontrol 3.0 with LED Display. Electronic monitoring system
  • FastFlush. Reduce cleaning time and waste disposal


Endurance Pump

Gracos proven Piston Pump. Lowered inlet check for improved material suction without cavitation. Handtight inlet tube and pump lower: Clean your valves in minutes without special tools on the job.


ProConnect System

The ProConnect pump removal system makes it easy to swap out the pump fast and easy. In a few seconds, on the job site, without any tools. Just like with your car tyres. Keep a spare.


FastFlush + Heavy Duty Prime Valve

Now even faster automated cleaning. The new FastFlush cleaning system runs the motor at a higher speed than the previous model which results in higher flow and faster cleaning HD prime valve to the AutoClean position. The system will do the rest: while you start other cleaning activities, the system cleans gun, hose, filters and unit independently. Flushes thw system upto 4 times faster than previous models, using half the water.


QuikReel Integrated Hose Reel

Special layout design. Roll out and up in a few seconds up to 90 m hose, giving an autonomy to spray in a range of 180 m without transporting the unit. Holds: 90 m (1/4") / 60 m (3/8")


TiltBack Cart Design

Sprayer kick stand allows convenient, one person bucket change and facilitates cleaning and maintenance of your pump.



The digital SmartControl-E continually monitors how you spray and adjusts the pumps functioning in less than one second. Even with multiple guns, there is no delay in waiting for your sprayer to catch up and to keep your spray pattern consistent. This smart brain coordinates all electronic devices such as the FastFlush timer, wireless pressure E-control, (life time) litre counter, error coding and pressure rating. Simple, just by one button.


Unit ships complete with:

  • SmartControl 3.0
  • WatchDog
  • FastFlush
  • ProConnect 2
  • QuikReel
  • Texspray Gun with RAC X HandTite guard and tips PAA427 & HDA531
  • BlueMax II whip hose 1/4" x 0.90 m
  • (2) BlueMax II hose 3/8" x 15 m
  • TSL 0.25 l
  • 197193 universal hammer tool
  • 111733 adjustable wrench and blue tool box.


Max. Tip Size:0.039" (0.041" with plaster)
Max Fluid Flow:4.3 l/min (up to 5.5 l/min with plaster)
Max. Pressure:230 bar (3300 PSI)
Weight:68 kg (151 lbs)
SmartControl version:3.0
Motor type:DC Brushless
Motor rating:2kW
Generator requirements:5 kW