GrindLazer 480, Unit Only, No Drum or Blades

GrindLazer™ 480, Unit Only, No Drum or Blades

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Our Graco products are full CE Mark products from Graco Europe, not non-compliant USA imports



Welcome to a whole new world of scarifier possibilities, invented by Graco. Graco introduces the GrindLazer 480 as your solution for all of your scarifier applications.
Graco have succeeded in heavily minimizing end-user fatigue by drastically reducing vibration, eliminating usage of tools making the GrindLazer compatible with LineDriver™.

GrindLazer Advantages

  • InstaCut System Technology, offers on or off engagement of the cutting system whilst continuously moving. Allows you to float with cutting system when uneven surfaces occur, without using tools or engaging handles.
  • Vibration Reduction Technology, special design reduces vibration, limiting users fatigue.
  • LineDriver compatible, doubles your production speed, improves line removal quality and reduces fatigue.

InstaCut Technology

Allows you maximum control for safely engaging the cutters both on and off, without having to lift your hands off the handles.Easy and time saving.

DialDown Depth Control System

Allows precise cutting depths with a simple turn of the dial. Allows fast and easy adjustment for maximum productivity.

Vibration Reduction Technology

Pneumatic air-filled tyres, comfort grips, LineLazer-like cart design; all combined they eliminate vibration, reducing user fatigue.

EasyGlide Wheel Mount System

Its Fat Track™ front wheel allows the most flexibility, maneuver curves easily. No need to ‘muscle’ it whilst moving.


Select Flail-style Tungsten Carbide, Miller-style Tungsten Carbide Cutters or DynaCut Diamond Blades; compose your own cutting size, depending on the size of the line to be removed.

Ease-Z-Steer Handle Bar System

  • Fully adjustable handles for all size users, makes turning and handling simple
  • Reduces vibration

Exclusive Heavy Duty ProStart System

Centrifugal clutch allows easy starting and shut off of cutters providing one of the safest units on the market today:
  • Easy to start in cold weather
  • Up to 50% less pulling effort to start the engine
  • No more broken recoils
  • Provides longer belt life

LineDriver Required

GrindLazer 480 with Reverse / "Up-Cut" cutting direction requires the use of a LineDriver Propel System. The GrindLazer 480 unit cannot operate without a LineDriver due to the ProStart safety switch interlock system. It protects you  against the reverse force of the GrindLazer.

TriBelt Drive System

3-cog belt design optimizes power transfer and maximum load handling. Proven design on LineDriver™, eliminates costly downtime.


Max Cut Width:25 cm (10 in)
Cut Direction:Reverse / "Up-Cut"
Removal Rate (Ride):195m²/hr (2100 sq ft²/hr)
Motor Engine:Vanguard 480cc (16HP)
Weight:150kg (330lbs)
Prostart System:Extreme Duty
Air Cleaner:2-Stage Heavy Duty Filter