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Graco G40 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun with Flat Tip

Graco G40 Air-Assisted Airless Spray Gun with Flat Tip

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
280 bar


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

354.00 (295.00 ex VAT) 



This 280 bar model is for high pressure industrial applications and includes a carbide seat and tip guard aircap. It is supplied with an inline tip filter and tip.

Operator-Friendly Design

Designed to maximize efficiency and quality, while reducing operator fatigue, AA Series guns use the highest quality components for long lasting reliable performance.
Most importantly, the AA Series guns give the sprayer the ability to significantly vary the spray pattern without changing the tip.

AA Series Guns are designed for:

  • High quality air-assisted spraying in a variety of applications
  • Maximizing operator comfort and productivity
  • Reducing overall cost of ownership
  • Improving transfer efficiency and material usage
  • Versatile spraying of all shape and sizes

Spray Quality - Achieve a Superior Finish

  • Enhanced tip design creates uniform atomization for a superior finish quality
  • The unique aircap enables soft spray
  • Increased transfer efficiency resulting from a design that allows for lower fluid and air pressure
  • Adjustable fan pattern means less overspray, less material waste, less VOCs, and improved productivity

Ergonomics - Maximize productivity

  • Overall weight is lighter than other spray guns in its category by more than 20%
  • Trigger pull force is up to 40% less than the closest competitor reducing operator fatigue and muscle stress
  • Handle design fits any size hand for increased operator comfort

Cost of Ownership - Save time and money

  • Ease of assembly and disassembly reduces repair time
  • Designed to minimize wear of replacement parts
  • Fewer parts means an overall lower cost of repair

Improve Operator Comfort

The ultra-light trigger pull force and lightweight design reduces muscle stress and increases operator productivity.

Increase Spray Performance

Enhanced tip design provides uniform atomization and improved finish quality.

Reduce Overspray and Increase Productivity

3/4 turn fan pattern adjustment allows the operator to change the spray width according to the size of parts.


Max. Fluid Pressure:280 bar
Max Air Pressure:7 bar
Max Fluid Temperature:43 C
Gun Weight:450 gram (16 oz)
Gun Body:Forged Aluminum
Fluid Filter:100 mesh

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