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Dry Filter Bench Level Spray Booth (1500mm)

Dry Filter Bench Level Spray Booth (1500mm)

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Internal Width:
1500 mm
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2,635.00 (2,195.83 ex VAT) 




Bench Booths

Our Bench Level Spray Booth operates under the same principle as the full size booth but with a work surface at a convenient height to allow the painting of small components.

All of our Bench type spray booths are 2,000 mm high, 1,000 mm deep and are supplied with a fan and Binks standard particle arrestment filter fitted as standard. Other filter types are available on request.

All booths are supplied with mechanical protection to the underside of the fan.

The standard fan is suitable for a vertical run of ducting with no more than one 90 bend. If more than one 90 bend is necessary then the fan may require up-rating.

The bench is fixed at a height of 900 mm to suit the operator and a variety of work depths are available with either a vertical or angled filter.

All spraybooths will require ducting to atmosphere, for further information and a quotation please contact us.

All spraybooths will arrive 'flat packed' and will require assembly. If you choose to purchase ducting this will need to be cut, fitted and sealed to suit your application. The straight spiral ducting is supplied in 3m lengths. One length of 3m spiral ducting is included in all the ducting options with the exception of Option 9, additional lengths and couplers are available on request. If the ducting is not purchased all booths will come with a spigot flange adapter to enable you to fit standard ducting at the size detailed in the product specification

The Theory

Because most wet paint overspray is sticky, it can be arrested by carrying it on an air stream and then trapping the paint particle within either a pleated paper filter (standard), nylon mesh or expanded paper filter. The air can then pass through the filter and the fumes can be exhausted to atmosphere leaving the paint particulate within the filter.

Key features and benefits

  • The belt driven axial fan can be fitted on top or at the rear, featuring external motors and integral hatches.
  • Top or rear mounted fans.
  • Option of flameproof motors.
  • Choice of easy to fit low cost filters.
  • Supplied with push button starter(s).
  • Simple, low cost maintenance.
  • Supplied in kit form; simple to assemble
  • Full on site install service available.
  • Complies with current health and safety legislation
  • Low-cost means of providing a safe environment.
  • Increased quality of finished work. Makes working conditions healthier and more pleasant for operatives.
  • Eliminates extra cleaning, previously caused by overspray.

2 Stage Filter

2 stage filter should be chosen when a spraybooth is to be installed in a non-industrial or sensitive environmental area. A secondary synthetic filter media (PST290) should be used as a secondary filter after a primary overspray filter such as a Binks cardboard concertina filter. The secondary filter is designed to capture fine particulate to protect ducting and fans prior to air discharge and reduce the chances of carryover into the greater environment


The Environmental Protection Act states that extract ductwork from a spraybooth should discharge in a vertical direction and goes on to say "In order to ensure dispersion is not impaired by either low exit velocity at the point of discharge, or deflection of the discharge, a cap, or other restriction, should not be used at the stack exit".

We would, therefore not recommend a horizontal discharge, however it can be supplied on the understanding that you (the client) take full responsibility for this choice and have carried out your own risk assessments.


Internal Width:1500 mm
Extraction Rate:The fan is specified to work on a minimum average of 0.7 m/s at the filter face and based on the assumption that the final duct run would not exceed 18 mm WG once the booth is running.
Ducting Diameter:450 mm
Number of Fans:1
Fan Type:Belt Driven Axial
Motor Size:0.55 kW
Voltage:400v 3 phase