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Wagner Maxim II FineCoat HVLP Spray Gun

Wagner Maxim II FineCoat HVLP Spray Gun

Product ID:
327.18 (272.65 ex VAT) 

A professional, very well constructed, quality HVLP Turbine spray gun. Easy to adjust and control.

Supplied fitted with a 1 litre paint cup that features a very useful 2nd lever on the cup lid that enables the user to rotate the fluid tube within the cup. This allows the tube to pick up paint when the gun is tilted either back or forward for long periods.

Range of Fluid Sets:

Wagner offer an impressive 9 different sizes of fluid sets to suit the widest possible range of coatings.
Available sizes are:
No.1 (0.5mm), No.2(0.8mm), No.3 (1.3mm), No.4 (1.8mm), No.5 (2.2mm, No.6 (2.5mm), No.7 (2.7mm), No.8 (3.0mm) & No.9 (4.0mm)

Each set includes an air cap optimised for that size of tip. The gun is shipped fitted with a No.4 (1.8mm) fluid set.
Typical Coatings & Nozzles Set Table
Nozzle Set No.Viscosity Din 4 Coating Material
3 or 415-45 SecSolvent based lacquer paints
4 or 5See coating data sheetWaterbourne lacquer
2 or 3UndilutedWood preservatives
6 or 7See coating data sheetMulticolour effect paint
5 or 6See coating data sheetTexture & effect paints

Pattern Controls:

  • The width of the spray pattern is adjusted by rotating the air cap collar; clockwise to increase the pattern, anti-clockwise for a smaller pattern.
  • The shape of the pattern i.e spot or ellipse is selected by simply turning the air cap 45 degrees within the collar.
  • Paint flow is regulated, as with conventional spray guns by rotating the fluid control knob on the rear of the gun.
  • The amount of atomising air is controlled by a 2nd control knob on the rear of the gun.


    This gun is for use with Wagner FC7000, FC8800 and FC9900 HVLP Systems. It can also be used other HVLP turbines that operate at pressures above 0.35 bar (5psi). The quick release air connector on the base of the gun is commonly used by most major HVLp manufacturers.

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