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Wagner Vector Grip 4/2 Finger Gun, No Tip

Wagner Vector Grip 4/2 Finger Gun, No Tip

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188.58 (157.15 ex VAT) 


Vector Grip - Airless gun for professionals

The WAGNER Vector Grip is the ideal airless gun for the application of a wide range of paints, emulsion paints and latex paints. The gun is easy to handle thanks to its light trigger, 1-finger trigger guard and swivel joint. In addition, the integrated tool in the trigger guard makes tool-free, quick filter changes possible.The ergonomic airless gun has an replaceable grip in three different sizes, which allows it to adapt to any hand shape. The airless gun is supplied with two triggers: a 4-finger trigger for large areas and a 2-finger trigger for e.g. coating work. Another advantage is the longer service life compared to similar guns. During work interruptions, Vector Grip can be hooked up anywhere, e.g. to ladders or scaffolding.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect fit for every hand - Replaceable, ergonomic handle - available in three different sizes.
  • Extra long lifetime - Robust packings, rotating ball bearing seat, replaceable ball and valve spring outside the color flow. Wear parts can be easily replaced.
  • Ideally adjusted for any object - Gun is provided with 2 triggers. This means that spraying can be carried out with either a 4-finger or 2-finger trigger.
  • Practical holding hooks - Enable the gun to be hooked in quickly during work interruptions, e.g. on ladders and scaffolding
  • Very convenient replacement of wearing parts - Simply replace ball and turn ball seat and continue spraying in the shortest possible time


Application Technique:Airless
Material Pressure (bar):0 bar - 250 bar
Weight (g):663 g