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Wagner TempSpray H126 10m Heated Hose

Wagner TempSpray H126 10m Heated Hose

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
250 bar
1,730.00 (1,441.67 ex VAT) 


The benefits of temperature controlled spraying:

To make coating materials sprayable they usually have to be diluted. Thanks to the heating hose system not only can the solvents be reduced but also the applied film thicknesses can be increased. These are only a few advantages that show these innovative systems.

The guarantee for the perfect finish:

Achieve an optimal surface quality. Thanks to warming up the coating material a very soft spray jet is generated. This increases the atomisation quality.

The answer to the VOC guidelines:

The coating material can be set to the spraying viscosity without being diluted. This is of particular benefit especially for higher viscosity materials.

Heating the material means a reduction in spraying pressure:

Heating brings about a reduction in material viscosity, allowing a lower spraying pressure to be set.

TempSpray H126 10m Heated Hose:

The material heater that simplifies your work - perfect surface finishes through reduced viscosity.

Easy to use:

Specially designed for paint jobs, easily adapted for use with all Airless devices.

Effortless operation:

Flexible, steel-reinforced DN6 hose.


Continuous temperature regulation from 20C - 60C.M/p>


Weighs only 3.5 kg.


Voltage:230 V / 50 Hz
Heating power:600 W
Mains connection lead:4 m
Hose:DN6 / 10 m stainless steel
Max. pressure:25 MPa (250 bar)
Temperature regulator:Continuous 20-60 C
Weight:3.5 kg