Syclone (Syalon) Acetal Jacket Blast Nozzle 7/16", 32mm Entry

Nozzle Service Life

Nozzle Service Life in Hours:
MediaSteel Shot & GritSlag MediaAluminium Oxide
Tungsten Carbide400~800500~900600~1200
Silicon Carbide500~900350~60050~100
Boron Carbide1500~2500750~1500200~1000

Actual service life will vary depending on the blast pressure, media size and particle shape.
Syalon Blast Nozzle, Acetal Jacket 7/16

Syalon Blast Nozzle, Acetal Jacket 7/16", 32mm Entry

Product ID:
182.40 (152.00 ex VAT) 

A single venturi blast nozzle in an impact resistant & insulating Acetal Jacket.

Syclone venturi nozzles are extremely wear resistant and will last around twice as long as silicon carbide nozzles.

Syclone is also lightweight, in fact it weighs around 50% less than a tungsten nozzle, so its less cumbersome and tiring on the operator and therefore an important factor in improving productivity.

Syclone venturi nozzles are particularly recommended for use with aggressive abrasives such as aluminium oxide.


Bore:11mm (7/16")
Inlet Connection:2"UNC Threaded
Entry Diameter:32mm
Overall Length:140mm