Graco Service Hopper for Paint and Plaster

Graco Service Hopper for Paint and Plaster

Product ID:
576.00 (480.00 ex VAT) 



For large projects or just the convenience of not having to keep running back to the sprayer to change paint drums, why not add this 90 litre hopper to your paint sprayer?

The hopper is compatible with Graco sprayer models Mark V Premium and Platinum straight out the box or can also be used with the GM5900 by purchasing the conversion kit 243392 and the GM7900 by purchasing the conversion kit 243380.

The Hopper should be used with water based materials.
Extend your Mark V sprayer to a complete plaster spraying system with the addition of a 90 litre hopper. The smooth tapered sides of the hopper direct the material to the outlet to prevent cavitation and also making it very easy to clean.

You should also consider adding the bag roller (Product ID 289587. This de-cants the pre-mixed bags of plaster by squeezing the bag through rollers making sure you get out as much material as possible, quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.