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SATA Clean RCS Spraygun Quick Cleaning System

SATA Clean RCS Spraygun Quick Cleaning System

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SATA Clean RCS Spraygun Quick Cleaning System (145581)

Introducing the remarkable SATA Clean RCS Spraygun Quick Cleaning System (145581), a pneumatically operated solution engineered to redefine your spray gun cleaning experience. This system ensures swift, efficient, and seamless between-job spray gun cleaning, seamlessly incorporating disposable cup systems such as SATA RPS.

Benefit from the exceptional cleaning efficiency that translates into remarkably brief cleaning intervals during color changes. This optimization not only streamlines a painter's workflow but also amplifies spray booth capacity utilization, directly contributing to heightened body shop profitability.

Key Advantages and Features:
  • Achieve rapid and secure color changes, even for complex transitions like black to white, leveraging disposable cup systems like SATA RPS.
  • Attain meticulous cleaning of material passages and air caps, guaranteeing consistent top-tier performance.
  • Unlock precious time, bolstering productivity and ultimately enhancing profitability.
  • Compatible with both waterborne and solvent-based paint systems, offering adaptability across various paint types.
  • Enjoy a designated storage area for prepared RPS disposable cups, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.
  • Highly recommended for wall-mounting within the spray booth, a strategic move that saves valuable time.
  • Experience uninterrupted workflow; no disconnection or gun inlet pressure adjustment required, thanks to automatic pressure regulation during the switch from "spraying" to "cleaning."
  • Optional: Conversion kit available for connecting large cleaning agent containers, providing extended utility.

Discover the SATA Clean RCS Spraygun Quick Cleaning System (145581) for unparalleled spray gun cleaning efficiency. Elevate your processes, save time, and boost profitability while ensuring a cleaner, more efficient workflow.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure: max. ca. 6 - 8 bar (87 - 116 psi)
  • Dimensions: 310 x 705 x 225 mm
  • Net Weight: 10.0 kg