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SATA 420 Pressure Reducer with Guage

SATA 420 Pressure Reducer with Guage

Product ID:
475.20 (396.00 ex VAT) 


Product Description:

The SATA filter 400 series meets highest demands on quality and performance. The modular design allows an exact adaptation to different applications. The combination units SATA filter 444 and 484 are standard in paint booths - also for breathing air treatment.

Product Benefits:

  • Reliably prevents expensive reworking.
  • As three-stage filter (SATA filter 484) suitable for use with water-based paints and ambient air-independent breathing protection systems.
  • Inexpensive and economical.
  • Robust metal housing, easily suitable for temperatures up to 120C.
  • Very high air flow rate: 3,600 Nl/min at 6 bar inlet flow pressure.
  • Available with outgoing module or for line installation.

Complete With:

  • 0-10 bar Guage.
  • Air Inlet and Outlet G 1/2" (female thread).

Technical Information:

Max. inlet air pressure:217.6 psi, 15 bar
Max. air outlet pressure:145 psi, 10 bar
Number of filter stages:0
Max. airflow:3600 Nl/min
Max. ambient temperature:+60 - +120 C
Exchange interval first filter stage:6 Months
Exchange interval second filter stage:6 Months
Exchange interval third filter stage:3 Months