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Reverse Jet Cartridge Powder Coating (3000mm)

Reverse Jet Cartridge Powder Coating (3000mm)

Product ID:
Internal Width:
3000 mm
25,320.00 (21,100.00 ex VAT) 




Reverse Jet Cartridge Powder Coating Spraybooth

Our Reverse Jet Cartridge booths are ideal for powder coating and / or heavy dust processes such as shot or media blasting.

High efficiency, anti-static cartridge filters are used in conjunction with diffuser panels to offer equal extraction across all full face of the booth. Cleaning and collection of excess dust is undertaken with pulses through the filtration system generated through compressed air receivers controlled by our bespoke control system.

Dust / powder is then collected in hoppers underneath the booth to dispose or re-use collected media.

As standard booths come without a canopy or lighting, however, fully bespoke canopies / enclosures can been requested at additional cost.

All spraybooths will arrive 'flat packed' and will require assembly. Please note Reverse Jet Cartridge booths vent back into the atmosphere and do not require external extraction


Internal Width:3000 mm
Extraction Rate:The fan is specified to work on a minimum average of 0.7 m/s at the filter face and based on the assumption that the final duct run would not exceed 18 mm WG once the booth is running.
Number of Motors:1
Motor Size:5.5 kW
Voltage:400v 3 phase