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Ransburg RansFlex RX Solvent 45kV Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Ransburg RansFlex RX Solvent 45kV Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Product ID:
4,392.00 (3,660.00 ex VAT) 


Product Description:

  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Significantly increases quality and production
  • Positive environmental impact
  • Reduces overspray, air pollution and VOC emissions
  • Decreases coating costs
  • More consistent part-to-part quality
  • Reduced costs for the disposal of hazardous materials
  • Ergonomic fit, feel and balance
  • Operators experience less stress on joints and muscles

    • Smaller, Lighter weight RansFlex RX and RFX applicators feature enhanced, proprietary cascade and atomization technology. These advancements provide a compact applicator with the equivalent or better performance and transfer efficiency of higher voltage competitive guns.


Maximum Voltage Output:45 kV
Maximum Working Fluid Pressure:7 bar (0.7 MPa - 100 psi)
Maximum Working Air Pressure:7 bar (0.7 MPa - 100 psi)
Gun Weight (Without Hose):600g (21.3 oz)
Gun Length:254 mm (10 in)
Recommended Paint Resistivity Range:.1 M to infinity
Fluid Flow Capacity:up to 1,000 ml/min.