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QTech 2LT HVLP Remote Pressure Pot and Graco Edge Gun Fitting

QTech 2LT HVLP Remote Pressure Pot and Graco Edge Gun Fitting

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All you need to use your Graco Edge II HVLP gun with a remote pressure pot

The QTech 2LT HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly

With its generous two litre capacity reduces the need for constant cup refills and the gun can be easily manoeuvred in hard to reach areas without the weight and space restriction of a gun mounted suction or gravity cup.

  • 2 Litre capacity reduces the number of cup refills
  • Allows complete gun manoeuvrability at any angle
  • Wide reinforced base provides greater stability
  • Large cup opening for easy cleaning and refilling
  • Familiar gun grip carry handle and belt hook
  • Suitable for conventional compliant and HVLP spray guns

Compatible with any conventional air atomising, compliant or HVLP manual spray gun the QTech remote cup provides the answer where complete operator mobility and gun manoeuvrability are essential to the application size and scale. The cup operates from a single air supply line coupled to the inlet at the base of the handle.

The large capacity of the cup reduces the need for constant cup refilling and material can therefore be mixed and thinned in bulk. Suitable for use with virtually all finishing materials the cup's 2.0 bar (30 psi) pressure rating enables higher viscosity coatings to be applied with ease.

For maximum operator comfort the QTech incorporates a unique 'gun grip' carrying handle providing the fit and feel of our industry standard spray guns. Alternatively there is a large removable hook which can be used to hang the cup on the operators waistbelt leaving a hand free to adjust controls

To minimise downtime the QTech features a 'quick spin' easy opening lid with a positive 360 sealing, preventing solvent evaporation and allowing the cup to be used at inverted angles without risk of leakage. A smooth interior and a wide cup mouth allows good hand access for easier cleaning out and faster colour changes.

Controls are convenient and precise, positioned for easy use by right or left handed sprayers. An adjustable self relieving regulator and accurate pressure gauge are protected by a solvent resistant check valve to prevent paint clogging. For total operator safety an automatic shut-off valve ensures the cups maximum pressure is never exceeded.

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