Painters Shields

Painters shields are used to protect surfaces from unwanted splatters of paint. We offer shields for the professional painter made of a corrosion-resistant aluminium blade which can be easily wiped clean and used time and again.

These blades come in two lengths; 24 inches (61cm) and 36 inches (91.5cm) to cater to your requirements, and both come with an 18 inches long (46cm) hardwood handle.

These shields also incorporate a useful clip that can be used to hold custom shaped cardboard shields for those awkward angles.

By using a painters shield you will prevent getting paint on precious surfaces and reduce painting time as you won’t be having to clean-up spillages.

If you have any questions regarding future projects, then please do not hesitate to contact our expert team.
Painters Shield 24in Wide

Painters Shield 24in Wide

21.00 ex VAT
Painters Shield 36" Wide

Painters Shield 36" Wide

25.00 ex VAT