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Graco FinishPro II 395 PC Air Assisted Airless Sprayer

Graco FinishPro II 395 PC Air Assisted Airless Sprayer

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
Max. Fluid Flow:
2.0 l/min (0.47 gpm)


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

3,175.00 (2,645.83 ex VAT) 

NOW WITH PROCONNECT PUMP SYSTEM Swap out the pump section is minutes!

Just "Plug and Spray"

With its on-board compressor, the FinishPro is a ready-to-go electric powered air-assisted paint sprayer. You are no longer restrained to plan your spraying at a fixed booth location.

2 in 1

  • More speed? With the flip of one switch, the finisher turns into a regular airless sprayer
  • Tough coatings? With its piston pump and high pressure ability, waterbornes are no problem.
  • Being self-contained, the FinishPro is only one machine: no extra compressor to consider, saving space, set-up time and transport
  • The ideal multi-function paint sprayer for intensive fine finish work

On-Board Air Compressor

No external compressor needed, saving place, labour and time. Graco designed and manufactured. Provides high output in a compact design. Delivers up to 3.2cfm at 2.5 bar. Enough air to atomise the heaviest materials used in the field. Unlike earlier versions, the FinishPro II compressor only operates when the gun is triggered, so is less demanding on your electrical supply.

Single Selector Switch

Simple colour-coded labels easily identify air assisted airless or airless mode. One „click“ and off you go.

Gracos Proven Piston Pump

The pump is the most important component of the sprayer and is where Graco’s expertise shows. All FinishPro air assisted airless sprayers come with piston pumps for unmatched performance.

Large Contractor sized Filter

Fine mesh filter results in a superior finish. Large size for extended spraying.

Unit ships complete with:

On-board compressor (0.745 kW), G40 air-assisted airless gun, including air cap, twin hose set 7.5 meter (3/16” fluid and 3/8” air) with 6ft whip hose assembly, flat spray tip & guard. RAC X tip conversion kit, 517 & 210 RAC X Reversible Spray tips. Throat Seal Liquid, Operators manual (CD and in print)


Max. Tip Size:0.021"
Max Fluid Flow:2.0 l/min (0.47 gpm)
Max. Pressure:193 Bar (2800 PSI)
Size (cm):82.5 x 53.3 x 102.8 DWH
Weight (Bare):49.9 kg (110 lbs)
DC Motor:7/8HP650 W
Atomising air output:90 l/min (3.2 cfm)
Air pressure:2.4 bar (35 PSI)
Air regulation:Gun
Whip hose:Yes (coiled)