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Mirka Abranet 80x230mm Grip Pack of 50

Mirka Abranet 80x230mm Grip Pack of 50

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Abranet: The Original Dust-Free Sanding Net

Discover the multifunctional and classic Abranet, meticulously designed to excel in sanding putty, primers, lacquers, composite materials, and an extensive array of other industrial materials. Unveil its high-performance capabilities coupled with a prolonged lifespan, surpassing traditional abrasives and offering a cost-effective solution. Engineered for both machine and manual dry sanding, Abranet's exceptional dust-free sanding attributes not only enhance the quality of your work but also contribute to a cleaner work environment.

Versatility Across Industries:

Mirka's expertise in superior coated abrasives, tailored to individual customer needs, positions us as the preferred choice across various industries.

Manufacturing Sector:

Abranet optimizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness across manufacturing domains, from automobiles, trucks, and aircraft to trains, boats, and wind turbines. Manufacturers dealing with aluminum and plastic components have reaped substantial benefits from Abranet's advantages.

Automotive Bodyshops and Aftermarket:

The automotive body repair process demands flexibility and efficiency. From minor scratches to substantial sanding, filling, painting, and polishing, the bodyshop industry thrives on adaptable solutions. The revolutionary OSP and the high standard set by Abranet have transformed the sanding process in this sector.

Woodworking and Construction:

Dust generated during woodworking can contain hazardous particles. Effective dust extraction is paramount when sanding furniture, fittings, windows, doors, and more. Abranet not only addresses health concerns but also aligns with safety regulations.

Microfinishing Excellence:

Mirka pioneers exclusive finishing solutions for diverse applications, such as consumer electronics, powertrains, glass refinishing, and roller conditioning. Our advanced micro abrasives, free of dust, cater to precise surface refining needs, setting new standards in microfinishing.

Elevate your sanding processes with Abranet's exceptional attributes. Choose Mirka, a trusted name in the industry, for superior coated abrasives tailored to your specific requirements.