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Metal Work Pressure Gauge 40mm, 12BAR, 1/8

Metal Work Pressure Gauge 40mm, 12BAR, 1/8"

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6.13 (5.11 ex VAT) 


Monitor Your Pressure with Precision Using the Metal Work Pressure Gauge

Keep a close eye on your system's pressure with the Metal Work Pressure Gauge. This compact yet highly accurate gauge is designed to provide precise readings, helping you maintain optimal performance in your pneumatic or hydraulic systems.

Key Features:

  • 40mm Diameter: The gauge boasts a 40mm diameter display, allowing for easy reading of pressure values.
  • 0-12 Bar Range: With a broad pressure range of 0-12 Bar, this gauge is suitable for various applications, from air compressors to hydraulic systems.
  • 1/8" Back Entry: The 1/8" back entry design ensures easy installation and a secure connection.

Why Choose the Metal Work Pressure Gauge?

Maintaining the right pressure in your systems is crucial for efficient and safe operation. The Metal Work Pressure Gauge offers the accuracy and reliability you need. Its clear display and broad pressure range make it a versatile choice for various industries and applications.

Whether you're monitoring air pressure, hydraulic pressure, or any other system, trust the Metal Work Pressure Gauge to provide precise readings and keep your operations running smoothly.


Product Type:Pressure Gauge
Part Number:9700101
Face Diameter:40mm
Pressure Rating:0 - 12 Bar
Port Size:1/8"