Graco Mark V Texspray Standard 110V, Hi-Boy

Graco Mark V Texspray Standard 110V, Hi-Boy

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
0.039" (0.041" with plaster)
Max. Fluid Flow:
5.1 l/min


Our Graco products are full CE Mark products from Graco Europe, not non-compliant USA imports

3,900.00 (3,250.00 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

Standard Series - for Paints, Fire Retardant and Airless Plastering Applications


Professional Advantages

  • Fast: sprays plasters like paint at the speed of airless
  • Clean: hardly no projection of material
  • Simple: cleans quickly and automatically


Endurance pump

Gracos proven Piston Pump. Lowered inlet check for improved material suction without cavitation. Handtight inlet tube and pump lower: Clean your valves in minutes without special tools on the job.


TiltBack leg

  • Easy bucket change, cleaning and maintenance


New Motor with Smartcontrol 3.0

The units brain controls the very strong performing brushless DC motor. Save energy - Smart Control makes the motor turn only if pressure is needed. It adjusts the pressure immediately to the tip size and maintains very accurately the stalled pressure. Digital display with pressure rating, litre counter and error coding, all from the push of one button.


New Power Current Selection

Now you can choose to operate from a standard 16amp supply ideal for most plaster and paint apllications or select a 20 amp supply if available, giving you greater power to apply the heavier coating through large spray tips.


New ProGuard System

Detects high or low voltage supply and shuts down the pump to prevent damage.


Unit ships complete with:

  • SmartControl 3.0
  • TiltBack cart design
  • Texspray Gun with RAC X HandTite guard and tips PAA427 & HDA53
  • BlueMax II whip hose 1/4" x 0.90 m
  • BlueMax II hose 3/8" x 15 m
  • SST and ceramic balls
  • 206994 TSL 0.25 l


Max. Tip Size:0.039" (0.041" with plaster)
Max Fluid Flow:5.1 l/min
Max. Pressure:230 bar (3300 PSI)
Weight:59 kg (130lbs)
SmartControl version:3.0
Motor type:DC Brushless TEFC
Motor rating:2.0kW (2.8 HP)
Generator requirements:5 kW (6.7 HP), 5000 W

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