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Magnum by Graco TrueAirless Spray Tip (TRA), Black

Magnum by Graco TrueAirless Spray Tip (TRA), Black

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

41.82 (34.85 ex VAT) 




TrueAirless spray tip

The TrueAirless spray tip with SoftSpray technology delivers a softer spray pattern to make it easier to deliver a professional quality finish. Achieve greater control and less overspray on different surfaces with a wide range of coatings, from stains to exterior paints.

Graco-exclusive SoftSpray technology provides better control to easily blend each spray pass for a superior finish. Less overspray shortens clean-up time, with less wasted material.

Better spray control:

Graco-exclusive SoftSpray technology provides better control to easily blend each spray pass for a superior finish.

Easily unclog tip:

This reversible feature quickly clears spray tip clogs by simply twisting the spray tip and spraying in the reverse position.

Easy to identify the spray direction:

The intuitive design provides quick identification of the spray direction.

Easy install:

Easily installs on spray guns without tools.

Includes a replacement single seal.

How to choose the right tip:

Getting the most from your spray tip depends on several factors.

  • The Fan Width of a tip is defined by its spray angle when spraying at 30 cm distance from the surface. The angle is indicated with one number only (the first on the tip) For example, 5 corresponds to an angle of 50. To obtain the fan width, multiply the number of the angle by 5: 5 x 5 = 25 cm fan width.
  • The Orifice Size defines the amount of paint that will flow through the tip. It is indicated by the last two digits: for example 17 corresponds to a hole size of 0.017 of an inch or 0.43 mm Your actual flow rate will depend on your spraying pressure and the paint you are using: high pressure equals more flow; heavier paints equal less flow.
  • Every sprayer has a maximum output level - It is important never to exceed the maximum spray tip size that your machine can handle.
  • The type of paint as well as the surface you are spraying define the kind of tip you should use. See the product brochure for full details.
  • Tips do wear and need replacement. There are two main causes for tip wear - working pressure at the gun and Abrasive material.

To explain what tip wear is and what this means to your business, think again of the similarities between spray tips and drill bits. Have you ever tried to drill into concrete using a worn out bit? If you have, then you know that it takes much longer to drill, takes much more effort and the drilled hole ends up being very unprofessional. It is the same with continuing to spray with a worn out tip.

Note that by using a worn out tip you might surpass the maximum output of your sprayer. Using a worn out tip will end up costing you much more than the cost of replacing a tip (labour + paint).