Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro 110V, Hi-Boy

Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro 110V, Hi-Boy

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
Max. Fluid Flow:
2.3 l/min (0.6 gpm)


Our Graco products are full CE Mark products from Graco Europe, not non-compliant USA imports

1,956.00 (1,630.00 ex VAT) 




Product Description:

Part of Graco's Residential Range of Sprayers for Professional Painting Contractors.


Professional Advantages

  • Surely, the best value for the weight
  • Graco big technologies in a mini size
  • Sprays perfectly most interior paints


Heavy Duty Legs / Cart

  • Chromed - Easy to clean. Rust and corrosion proof. 100% solvents compatible.
  • Welded - No screws used. Cart remains steardy.
  • Cord wrap - Convenience and easy manipulation.


Endurance Pump

  • ProConnect pump removal on the job with only a hammer, takes just 60 seconds!
  • Wing nut: QuickAccess to inlet ball for clearing using a hammer.
  • Packing nut: Allows for one tightening when packings start leaking. Finish the job instead of having to stop for repair. No downtime.


Swivelling Suction

  • Vertical immersion: Designed to remain vertical inside the bucket. No manipulation. Paint pumps all the way to the bottom of the bucket.
  • HandTight connection: Easy access to the inlet ball for clearing. On the job, without tools and in seconds.

SmartControl 2.5

  • Digital display - Easy read even in the sun.
  • Menus provide: Actual working pressure, Litre counter, Error codes (self-diagnosis system)
  • 1 second learning time - Instantaneous response time. Allows the unit to hold nearly 30 bar extra working pressure, giving a better finish, atomizes thicker paints perfectly and supports longer hose lengths
  • Smart pressure - Adjusts itself to maintain even pressure even as tip wears giving a constant finish.


Offset Handle with comfort grip

Unit is balanced away from your body for easy transport.


Big Cup

> Secure location. Prevents paint dripping after use.


HandTight Cap

Removes without tools for easy daily maintenance.


Easy Out Filter

Filters paint from the inside out. Filter screen will not pack out in housing.


Unit ships complete with:

  • Contractor gun
  • Filters (gun + manifold)
  • 240794 BlueMax II hose 1/4" x 15m
  • RAC X (PAA517) tip and guard
  • ProGuard+ voltage protection


Max. Tip Size:0.027"
Max Fluid Flow:2.3 l/min (0.6 gpm)
Max. Pressure:230 bar (3300 PSI)
Weight:33 kg (72 lbs)
SmartControl version:2.0
Motor type:DC Brushless
Motor rating:1.05 kW (1.4 HP)
Generator requirements:7 kW (4.0 HP), 3000 W