Graco TexSpray APX 5200, 110V Airless Spray Unit

Graco TexSpray APX 5200, 110V Airless Spray Unit

Product ID:
Max. Tip Size:
Max. Fluid Flow:
5.1 l/min
Max. Pressure:
207 bar (3000 psi)
5,400.00 (4,500.00 ex VAT) 


APX All-in-One Plaster Sprayers for the true Professional

With the new APX 5200, APX 6200 and APX 8200 contractors can plaster more square meters in one day. The units work at a higher pressure compared to competitive technologies, resulting in up to 50% more material output, even when using the same tip size.

Because of its all-in-one design it's easy to move it around on the job site. The APX is typically smaller in size and has a compact and light design. More compact and lighter than any other plaster machine. And both the hopper and pump can be removed in an instant for even easier transport.

Innovative features

  • Conveying even the thickest materials to the pump: the optional VIBRA-FLO vibration system shakes and conveys material to the pump inlet. Works with both premixed and powder finishing materials!
  • Save material & costs: the optional adjustable Bag Roller completely empties bags with no waste or mess and is adjustable to fit any bag length
  • Reduced pulsation: the X-FLO Hose with Super-Flex Whip Hose reduces pulsation for a better finish to scale down hand finishing and is easy to clean
  • More time: no need to mix or thin materials anymore

Professional advantages

  • Dedicated for plaster wall smoothing and finishing, for the true professional
  • Pumps the heaviest materials with optimal output and without fluctuations
  • All-in-one design, easy to move around on your job site


Max. Tip Size:0.045"
Max Fluid Flow:5.1 l/min
Max. Pressure:207 bar (3000 psi)
Weight:95 kg
Hose Length:18.5 m
Hopper Capacity:5 bags - 80L