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Graco RAC X Wide Low Pressure Spray Tip (WRLP)

Graco RAC X Wide Low Pressure Spray Tip (WRLP)

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

34.68 (28.90 ex VAT) 




Neon tips are available in a WR version, standing for Wide RAC. WRLP tips combine spraying at half the usual pressure with an extra-wide fan pattern (60 cm), allowing you to finish the job in half the time.

For all residential, commercial, interior and exterior high-volume applications

Largest industry spray pattern:

  • 60cm spray pattern.

More productivity:

  • Deliver two times more productivity with less spray passes.

Less prep and cleanup time:

  • Less mess with less overspray.
  • Put the paint where you want it.

Easiest pattern overlap:

  • Softer spray fan pattern.
  • Easy to apply any material to any surface.
  • Consistent blended finish quality.

Extended life:

  • Spraying at half pressure doubles tip life.
  • Reduced sprayer maintenance up to twice the lifespan.

SmartTip technology:

  • Exclusive internal tip geometry.
  • Reduces energy required to atomise paints, stains and other materials.
  • Delivers a superior finish with less pressure.
  • Works with SmartControl on select Graco sprayers.

Best tip on the market:

  • Works with any airless sprayer.
  • Longest lasting fan pattern.
  • Highest quality finish with a consistent spray pattern.

Easy to identify tip size:

  • Large raised tip size numbers are always legible even when covered with paint.

Superior tip design:

  • Locking tab ensures tip stays securely in guard.
  • Snaps tip in spray or reverse position.
  • OneSeal tip gasket installs with no tools.
  • Solvent seal available when using extremely hot solvents.