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Graco HVLP TurboForce II 7.0 Standard, 230V

Graco HVLP TurboForce II 7.0 Standard, 230V

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
0.5bar (7psi)


CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

900.00 (750.00 ex VAT) 


Engineered for superior atomization in the widest range of materials, Graco FinishPro HVLP sprayers are one of the coolest running, longest life HVLP sprayers on the market today. Now available in Standard, ProContractor, and ProComp models.


  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Offers everyday reliability
  • Just the essential features you need

TurboForce Technology

  • Exclusive, proprietary turbine design builds more pressure through each stage, resulting in more performance at the gun
  • More air flow and air pressure means higher production with less thinning of material
  • Generates less heat and provides longer turbine life

Turbo Control System

  • Adjust TurboForce Turbine speed to match the performance required
  • Reduces heat build up
  • Runs quieter
  • Extends turbine system life

Standard Filtration System

  • Washable filter extends motor life and ensures a quality finish
  • Tooless filter removal
  • Out performs foam filters commonly used on other HVLP sprayers

Edge II Gun

  • Patented Single User Control combines material and air flow into one simple control
  • Exclusive Graco air cap design increases the fluid flow in every need by 4X
  • Change out needles from the front of the gun with just a click
  • 75% lighter trigger pull than the competition with EasyGlide

Steel "Tough Box" Design

  • Rugged, all steel enclosure protects the turbine on the job and during transport
  • 50% smaller size and 30% lighter than the previous version

FlexLiner Bag System

  • FlexLiner Bag system replaces traditional material cups
  • Spray at any angle with no adjustment, even upside down
  • Easy cleanup, either reuse the liner or toss, and no suction tube to clean

Super-Flex Air Hose

  • 15% lighter weight than other leading brands for more control at the gun
  • No tools needed to connect

All units ship complete and ready to spray with:

  • Gun, EDGE II
  • Needle Nozzle Kit, #3
  • Super-Flex Air Hose, 17R300 (6 m)
Turbine Stage:3
Max. Air Working Pressure - bar (psi):0.5 (7.0)
Weight - kg (lbs):18 (39.7)
TurboForce II Technology:Yes
TCS System:No
Quick Release Needle:Yes
FlexLiner System:Yes
Air Flow Control at the Gun:Preset Ratio
Material Volume Control at the Gun:Yes
Spray Fan Size Control at the Gun:No
Needle Nozzle Storage:No
Washable Air Filtration:Foam
Needle Nozzle Kit:#3
Super-Flex Air Hose:17R300 (6m)
Super-Flex Air Whip Hose:No
Gun Docking Station:No