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Graco GX21, Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package

Graco GX21, Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package

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CE marked product from Graco Europe, not US grey-import. Price valid for UK and Ireland.

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Complete Your Painting Projects with the Graco GX21 Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package

Make your painting tasks more efficient and convenient with the Graco GX21 Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package. This comprehensive package combines the power of the Graco GX21 airless sprayer and essential accessories, ensuring that you achieve professional-quality results on trim, doors, cabinets, and more.

Key Features:

  • Precise Performance: The Graco GX21 airless sprayer delivers accurate and consistent paint application, making it a valuable tool for achieving sharp and clean finishes on a variety of surfaces.
  • Effortless Control: Equipped with user-friendly controls, the GX21 allows you to adjust pressure and flow easily, granting you the ability to fine-tune your painting for optimal results.
  • Versatile Application: From intricate trim work to larger surfaces, the GX21 handles a wide range of projects, providing even coverage and eliminating the need for manual touch-ups.
  • Package Inclusions: This package not only includes the Graco GX21 airless sprayer but also the Trim Kit for added versatility and the 1L Pump Armor to protect and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Professional Results: Designed with precision in mind, the GX21 offers consistent coverage, enabling you to achieve professional-grade finishes every time.
  • Reliable Protection: The 1L Pump Armor helps prevent corrosion and clogs in your sprayer's pump, ensuring that your equipment remains in top condition for longer periods.


  • Package Contents: Graco GX21 airless sprayer, Graco RAC X Fine Finish Low Pressure Tip (FFLP) 210, Graco 100 Mesh Red Gun Filter, 1L Pump Armor.
  • Power: Electric operation for continuous use.
  • Versatility: Suitable for trim, doors, cabinets, and various surfaces.
  • Application: Perfect for both small and large-scale painting projects.

Elevate your painting capabilities with the Graco GX21 Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package. Whether you're a professional seeking precision or a DIY enthusiast aiming for impeccable results, this package equips you with the tools you need to achieve outstanding finishes with ease.

Upgrade your painting toolkit today with the Graco GX21 Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package and experience the convenience of professional-quality painting at your fingertips.

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Graco GX21, Trim Kit & 1L Pump Armor Package

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