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Generic Textile Braid Whip End Hose - 3/16

Generic Textile Braid Whip End Hose - 3/16" x 0.9m

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
14.00 (11.67 ex VAT) 


For increase production and operator comfort - always use a whip hose!

This lightweight airless spray whip hose is normally used between the spray gun and the main 1/4" paint hose.
It has spring guards at each end to help prevent the hose becoming damaged and kinked.

To connect this hose to your main paint line you will need a hose connector. Most electrically operated airless spray pumps that would use a whip end would have either a 1/4" bore paint hose or on larger machines perhaps a 3/8" bore paint hose. The appropriate connector can be found in the related products section at the bottom of this page.

Because the internal bore of the hose is smaller than the main paint supply hose it is far more flexible and easier to manouvre, plus because it's only 0.9m long you will lose very little pressure.

Maximum working pressure: 228 Bar / 3,308psi

Note: the picture is for illustrative purposes only, the actual hose has 1/4" female swivel nut ends, not one male and one female end as per the image.