Binks DX70 Cart Mount Diaphragm Pump with Advance HD Gun and 7.5M Hose Kit

Binks DX70 Cart Mount Diaphragm Pump with Advance HD Gun and 7.5M Hose Kit

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Binks DX70 Ready Assembled Spray Outfit including Advance HD Spray Gun

The DX70 is a high specification, air powered 1:1 ratio double diaphragm pump specifically developed for the direct supply of paints and materials to spray guns. The pump features a unique diaphragm no-crease shape for a long and durable working life DX70 also includes a built-in fluid regulator which ensures a constant and virtually pulse free fluid delivery, for direct feed to spray guns without the expense and complications of an additional fluid regulator or surge chamber.

The Binks DX70 range features bare pumps,assembled pump packages and complete ready to spray outfits matched with our World renowned DeVilbiss spray guns. Binks DX70 is perfect for use with ALL TYPES of spray gun technologies including, Conventional, Compliant Trans-Tech, HVLP, LVLP and low pressure Electrostatic spray guns.


  • Woodworking and Joinery
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Agricultural and Off Road
  • Potteries and Ceramic Glaze*
  • Trade Coaters and Jobbers
  • Marine Industry
  • Truck and Bus
  • Rail and Transport
  • Plus Many Others:


  • Solvent and Water Based Paints and Materials
  • Lacquers, Stains and Varnishes
  • Adhesives and Fillers
  • Ceramics and Glaze*
  • Sealers and Undercoats
  • Plus Many Others:

*The standard pump without fluid regulator can also be used on ceramic glaze applications.

Technical Specifications:

Pump Ratio:1 to 1
Max. Air Pressure:7 Bar / 100 PSI
Max. Fluid Pressure:7 Bar / 100 PSI
Nominal Flow Volume / Cycle:0.07 Litres (0.018 US Gall)
Fluid Output @ 60 cycles/min:4.2 Litres / min (1.1 US Gall / min)
Max Recommended Continuous Cycle Rate:10 Cycles /min
Max Recommended Intermittent Cycle Rate:30 Cycles /min
Inlet Fluid Connection:3/8 Universal (BSPP/NPSM) Male or Female
Outlet Fluid Connection:3/8 Universal (BSPP/NPSM) Male or Female
Maximum Dry/Wet Lift:6.6m (21.8 feet)
Air Inlet:G1/4 (BSPP) Female
Fluid Regulator:Pilot 4 Tube
Air Volume / cycle @ 6.9Bar/100psi:0.77L (0.027SCFM)
Air Flow @ 10 cycles/min 6.9 bar/100psi:7.7L/min (0.27SCFM/min)
Air Flow @ 30 cycles/min 6.9 bar/100psi:23.2L/min (0.82SCFM/min)
Noise Level:68db LAeq
Earth (Air Inlet Cover):<1O
Weight Bare Pump:2.2 Kg (4.9 lbs)