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Binks DX200 Cart Mount Diaphragm Pump with Advance HD Gun and 7.5M Hose Kit

Binks DX200 Cart Mount Diaphragm Pump with Advance HD Gun and 7.5M Hose Kit

Product ID:
1,999.00 (1,665.83 ex VAT) 


Binks DX200 Ready Assembled Spray Outfit including Advance HD Spray Gun

Binks DX200 is designed specifically for finishing applications requiring multi-spray gun usage, or while transferring or circulating up to 5 l/pm of high to low viscosity materials.

The Binks DX200 is a high flow rate, air operated 1:1 ratio, double diaphragm circulation or transfer pump specifically developed for the direct supply of paints and materials to spray guns.

The pump features a unique no crease diaphragm shape for a long and durable working life. Users can opt for the built-in fluid regulator which ensures a constant and virtually pulse free fluid delivery, enabling direct connection to spray guns without the expense and complications of an additional fluid regulator or surge chamber.

The Binks DX200 range features bare pumps and a choice of outfits.Binks DX200 is selfpriming and perfect for use with ALL TYPES of spray gun technologies including, Conventional, Compliant Trans-Tech, HVLP, LVLP and low pressure Electrostatic spray guns.


  • Joinery/Furniture & Woodworking
  • Aerospace / Aviation
  • Agricultural & Off Road Vehicles
  • Marine Industry
  • Truck/Trailer & Chassis Makers
  • Rail, Bus & Transport
  • Plus many others...

Suitable For These Materials:

  • Wood-Stains, Lacquers & Varnishes
  • Primers, Sealers & Catalysed Lacquers
  • Solvent OR Waterborne Coatings
  • Adhesives & Fillers
  • Plus many others...

Technical Specifications:

Pump Ratio:1 to 1
Max. Air Pressure:7 Bar / 100 PSI
Max. Fluid Pressure:7 Bar / 100 PSI
Nominal Flow Volume / Cycle:0.20 Litres (0.05 US Gall)
Fluid Output @ 60 cycles/min:12 l/min (3.17 US Gall/min)
Max Recommended Continuous Cycle Rate:25 Cycles /min
Max Recommended Intermittent Cycle Rate:60 Cycles /min
Inlet Fluid Connection DX200A:3/4BSPP Female
Outlet Fluid Connection DX200A:3/4BSPP Female
Maximum Dry/Wet Lift:4.6m (15.1ft) / 7.5m (24.6ft)
Air Inlet:G1/4 (BSPP) Female
Fluid Regulator:Pilot 4 Tube
Air Volume / cycle @ 6.9Bar/100psi:2.83l (0.1 SCFM)
Air Flow @ 10 cycles/min 6.9 bar/100psi:28.3l (1 SCFM)
Air Flow @ 30 cycles/min 6.9 bar/100psi:84.9l (3 SCFM)
Noise Level:71.2 dBA Leq
Weight - Bare Pump DX200A:9.5Kg (20.94lbs)