Apollo 600CE Shotblasting Helmet

Apollo 600CE Shotblasting Helmet

Hodge Clemco
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The Apollo 600 offers the user unrivalled protection and comfort during blast cleaning. This helmet improves upon the already successful Apollo 60 design by adding an improved breathing air supply connection, visual indicator for low air flow and more user friendly head strap adjustment mechanism.

The heavy duty latch system and peaked rim ensure that the lenses are held firmly in place for protection.

The cape is securely attached to the helmet using a ratchet and clamp mechanism allowing the cape to be removed, laundered and refitted.

All new airfed blasting helmets are required by law to be CE marked as complex items under BS EN 14594, as the 600CE is marked.

Key Features

  • The suspension assembly has a convenient knob-style adjustment mechanism
  • The inlet fitting on the upper rear of the helmet is re-placeable extending the life of the helmet
  • It has an integral 25mm deep peak on the top and the side of the helmet to keep dust and abrasive from between the lenses
  • The outer visor is extra-long to protect the top of the cape from abrasive ricochet
  • It has a visual indicator inside the helmet which warns the operator of low air flow. This is a requirement of BSEN 14594:2005 which replaced BSEN 271:1995.

The Apollo 600 CE was specially developed and approved for blasting (MSHA - NIOSH). The helmet has an assigned protection factor of 2000 inconsideration of BS EN14594. The following Warnings and Limitations have to be followed:

  • The Apollo 600 CE is not suitable for other work such as welding or painting!
  • Only for use in an atmosphere which does not represent any imminent danger for life and health and which contains a minimum oxygen volume of 19.5%.
  • Do not use this product with pure oxygen or with oxygen enriched air.
  • Do not use this product in flammable atmospheres.
  • The Apollo 600 CE protects the wearers head and neck from impact and abrasion caused by abrasive ricochet.
  • The helmet is suitable for use when the head is vertical or near vertical. When used in a horizontal posture, the air indicator will not work.
  • The helmet can be used at temperatures between -6 and 40C.
  • If the product is used below a temperature of 4C the water content has to be reduced to avoid freezing.
  • The compressed air supply must have a pressure between 6 and 8 bar. To be sure of this pressure you can use our Air Filter CPF 20 which has an integrated pressure regulator.
  • During a period of maximum breathing rate and maximum effort, a negative pressure may occur in the helmet.