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ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 59.3CFM Screw Air Compressor

ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 59.3CFM Screw Air Compressor

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
6,411.60 (5,343.00 ex VAT) 


ABAC SPINN 20HP 59.3CFM 10Bar Tank Mounted Compressor with Dryer - The Ultimate Powerhouse

Welcome to the future of compressed air technology with the ABAC SPINN 20HP compressor. Engineered for maximum performance and efficiency, this compressor will revolutionize your industrial workspace while saving you significant installation and piping costs.

Key Features:

  • Silent Efficiency: Despite its impressive power, this compressor operates quietly, ensuring your workspace remains peaceful.
  • Space-Saving Design: Its compact footprint makes installation a breeze, and you'll experience exceptional savings on installation and piping, especially with the tank-mounted version featuring an integrated dryer.
  • Reliable Performance: With a potent 20HP (15kW) motor and a Max Working Pressure of 10 Bar, it delivers a remarkable 59.3 CFM of Free Air Delivered, making it the ultimate powerhouse for your industrial needs.
  • Integrated Dryer: Say goodbye to moisture issues. This compressor features an integrated dryer for clean and dry compressed air.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Stay ahead of maintenance with the Advanced Monitoring System, which provides real-time alerts for proactive care.

Upgrade your industrial operations with the ABAC SPINN 20HP 59.3CFM 10Bar Tank Mounted Compressor with Dryer. Unleash the ultimate power while enjoying the benefits of low noise, advanced monitoring, and an industry-leading warranty package.


Start System:SDS
Air Flow CFM:59.3
Pressure PSI:145
Pressure BAR:10
Tank Size:270L
L x W x H:1543 x 720 x 1337
Weight KG:280
dB(A) LpA:71