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ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 50CFM Screw Air Compressor

ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 50CFM Screw Air Compressor

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
5,988.00 (4,990.00 ex VAT) 


ABAC SPINN 15HP 50CFM 10Bar Tank Mounted Compressor with Dryer - Silence Meets Power

Introducing the ABAC SPINN compressor, a true marvel in compressed air technology. Crafted with precision and care, this compressor offers you an exceptional combination of power, efficiency, and quiet operation. Comparable to the hushed hum of your air conditioning system, it's designed to make your workspace more comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Silent Efficiency: The ABAC SPINN is engineered for low noise levels, ensuring your workspace remains tranquil while benefiting from its impressive power.
  • Compact & Installation-Friendly: Its compact design makes installation a breeze, and it can save you significant costs on installation and piping, especially in the tank-mounted version with an integrated dryer.
  • Reliable Performance: Powered by a 15HP (11kW) motor and boasting a Max Working Pressure of 10 Bar, it delivers a robust 50 CFM of Free Air Delivered.
  • Built-in Dryer: Enjoy not only powerful compressed air but also clean and dry air, thanks to the integrated dryer.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Stay ahead of maintenance with the Advanced Monitoring System, which provides real-time alerts.

Elevate your workshop to the next level with the ABAC SPINN 15HP 50CFM 10Bar Tank Mounted Compressor with Dryer. Experience the perfect blend of power and silence, enhanced by advanced monitoring and an industry-leading warranty package.


Start System:SDS
Air Flow CFM:50
Pressure PSI:145
Pressure BAR:10
Tank Size:270L
L x W x H:1543 x 720 x 1337
Weight KG:265
dB(A) LpA:69