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ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 50CFM Screw Air Compressor

ABAC SPINN C55* 10BAR, 50CFM Screw Air Compressor

Product ID:
Max. Pressure:
5,064.00 (4,220.00 ex VAT) 


ABAC SPINN 15HP 50CFM 10Bar Screw Compressor - The Whispering Powerhouse

ABAC unveils a compact screw compressor that operates with a hushed demeanor, rivaling the tranquility of your air conditioning system. Its compact footprint and straightforward installation process make it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to cut installation and piping expenses. Particularly noteworthy are the Tank Mounted versions equipped with Dryers, offering unmatched value.

Key Highlights:

  • Efficient Lubrication: This compressor features a Rotary Screw Pump that's Oil Lubricated, ensuring efficient, low-friction performance.
  • Belt Drive: The Belt Drive system optimizes efficiency while maintaining an exceptionally quiet operation, creating a serene workspace.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Boasting an Advanced Monitoring System, this compressor proactively issues maintenance warnings, keeping your operations seamless.
  • Max Duty Cycle: With a Max Duty Cycle of 100%, this compressor is prepared for continuous, heavy-duty use.

The ABAC SPINN 15HP 50CFM 10Bar Screw Compressor is a fusion of power and serenity. With advanced features, efficient operation, and an extensive warranty package, it stands as the preferred choice for discerning professionals.


Start System:SDS
Air Flow CFM:50
Pressure PSI:145
Pressure BAR:10
Tank Size:N/A
L x W x H:855 x 720 x 1000
Weight KG:185
dB(A) LpA:69